Amused World of Big Kahuna And The Monkey

There is no doubt that you will get everything through online which can please you and will allow getting bored. The advancement of technology had given the users so relaxation and reliability that they can start accessing from anywhere and anytime. Last year when I was in the summit of literature which was the most magnificent seminar which I had ever had and I came to know the tale related to the Kahuna. After the seminar I was curious to know more about that tale and then I started to know more about that through the service of internet.

I learnt a lot about that and at last I struck with the world of gambling when I clicked a pop link which was by mistake. But sometime the mistake also opens some fortune and I was astonished to see that was the link of the pokies machine. Without any knowledge of that but I went for the play of the game which was Big Kahuna and I was lucky that it was the same as my area of interest. Now I am the experienced one often enjoy it while having burger in the restaurant.

I liked it so much that after taking the review I made the free download of the full app in my android mobile and you can also download it in your ipad too and in any other smart phones too. This had been designed on the concept of ancient mythology by the microgaming and will give you the facility of five reels and nine lines of pay.

The symbols which are used in this one is very refreshing one and some them are the fruits and the most funny one is the animated character icon of the monkey who is lost in the jungle and the reason of losing its way is the shaman who hypnotized him. The game is full of amusement and the graphics is the best part of this event.

Couch Potato: The Lazy Slot

There is nothing better than lying on the couch and watching TV shows with snacks all day long. I tried to find the alternatives but couldn’t find any. Living in the Austin city has a great benefit when you talk about accommodation and watching show on demand.

But still I got bored of television sometimes that when I started playing online casino slots where I can have fun and earn some money at the same time. So I started looking for pokie that could be based on favorite TV shows and luckily I found some. One of them was ben and jerry’s couch potato.

Very first I thought of reading some reviews and go for the tutorial videos on youtube to know the machine better, which came out to be a nice move later. That’s what everyone should consider to perform well while playing especially when you are playing with the real money.

While looking on the internet about the game I found that it is a three reel, single pay line classic video slot, with a wild that can multiply wins 25 times. And when it comes to betting one can bet from 25 cents to 15 dollars, which is really a plus point that is pretty significant in the success of the game. And the game totally goes with theme that most people love doing that is lying on the sofa and switching the channels. I think it’s the best online pokie machine that one of the most popular companies of online casino games microgaming has created.

To play the pokie online or offline you need to find a vendor website and register on it that’s what I also did when I played it for first time and if you want to play it with the real money then you easily buy credits via PayPal. And in my opinion everyone must play with the free spins in the beginning that way you get savvy with the pokie before you play it with the real money. Even I did the same and made some safe money later.

Grab from Billion Dollar Gran

Last year I was in America as the physiotherapist in the sports meet with the athletes I came to know more and amazing things about the life of the athletes. I came to know that some of the players use to visit the world of pokies to get rid of the pressure and it was really amazing. After the event of the sports meet I was at my native place. I was curious to know more about the gambling which me curious to make search.

While searching I came to know many things and tricks by which you can also win as many as you can. The game which I found from the list of the suggestions is Billion Dollar Gran which very funny by its name only. The event is being influenced by the lifestyle of an old lady who had billion of property after her husband expires. The thing which you have to do is to take the dollar from the old lady and make your fortune.

The game is featured with three reels and single line of pay which increases the chance to get more from the lady. This event is not facilitated by the wild and scatter symbols but you will get the animated icons through which you can make the winning combination. The thing which makes it more popular in the bettors is that you can make the betting from $0.10 to the max of $10 and you will get the stage of jackpot of about 2,000x coins.

Beware of the granny who is very keen in giving the return gifts and you will have to perform best to please her. The symbols which are used in this event are Gran head, tea, seven, cherries and many more and the bonus symbol is the bowling green which can give you the max and some free spins too. The graphics of this one is very funny.

Magical arena of Big Top

Hey have you ever been to the circus? I am sure that you would have been to that place when you were child. In the age of childhood I liked this place so much that my parents use to take me to the place weekly. You will be astonished to know that even at this age I use to go to place and the reason of visiting is my little angle who also likes this.

One day when I was returning from my office I get a pamphlet in which there was some advertisement of casino and the offer which they were giving at weekend either through online or offline. I was curious to know about this because I use to go for betting during the spare time which gives me immense pleasure. I made the search about that offer and came to know that at the end of the week they are giving some amount of bonus and certain free spins for doing signup. I did the same for the game which was Big Top.

The name of the game was influenced by the famous TV series which I had seen sometime. I made the download of the app and start to visit the arena of the event and learnt how to make extra and free bonus and credits. This is featured with five reels and number of paylines which are provided by this one is nine and the graphics of this one is very awesome and will not give any moment to peep out of the screen.

There is no tension of waiting for the poker machine through online and the best thing is that you can enjoy it in any situation either lying on the bed or watching any movies. The symbols of the event will give you the win and the simple thing which you will have to do is to make the matching of the symbols in the active slots of the reels.

Ride To Avalon Island

I have always been fond of amazing voyage stories that my grandpa used to tell me. Some of my favorites are the Treasure Island and the Arthurian stories including the story of king Arthur of Cuba. Sometime I also think of going on trip and leave San Diego and go live aboard. The story and poetry of King Arthur really made me follow his Avalon Island after watching the movie and reading the book.

When I saw the movie I really became diehard fan of it and also carved a tattoo of the island on me and my bike also. One day I was going on a Morning side drive in the direction to Dublin. And met this old friend of mine and when I show him my new tattoo of the island carved on me and my bike. He was so astonished by my obsession and told me about the Avalon 2 slot game and insisted to have a look at it.

Since I have played the first version pretty much I was pretty familiar with the slot but it was few years back and I was waiting for the another version and my friend me this good news that finally the wait is over and it’s all back to tempt the players and gamblers.

When I get online on the very night, firstly I looked for the reviews and ratings of the online machine to get to know about the game a little more before playing it; even I watched some tutorial videos on youtube. And the reviews were pretty amazing seemed like a dream come true. It was the latest Microgaming sequel pokie which is a 243 ways to win game that also offer eight bonus to maximize the chances of winning. I played the game all night long eventually and really enjoyed the theme.

Rock in arena of Bingo

Don’t take pressure and just go for it! Isn’t this one is the best strategy which every players of gambling should think before making any decision in which he/she is taking more time to go with. I am mad about the gambling and keep myself busy through online pokies and if you really want to have fun during the time you are alone then you should go for the games of pokies machine and if you are in the situation to go to the casino then visit the place.

I keep my mobile updated by the app of betting and make the download of the event in my android phone whichever I like. There are many sites which facilitates with the bingo and I am in the habit of visiting such site regularly. The only thing which the players have to do is to make the right choice of the event and other thing which is best in going for this is that there is no need of making any registration for this.

You can visit through the id of the pokies only. If you think the meaning is not clear then it would be better to go through the suggestion in form of review and blogs which are posted for the event. While the play you will feel as if you are the king of the arena and the graphics and the presentation of this one is very awesome and fancy which will hunt you and will not give single chance to peep out of the screen.

This would be the best one for the users who really want to make their start with because it will award you many gifts and some coupons of bonuses to. I enjoy it while having tea and the sound quality which are used in this one will give you the remembrance of the songs of the kids and the rhymes which they recite. Go and rock the world of bingo.